Health Intelligence Practice Profiles User Guide

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

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Multimedia User Guide

This is an audio and visual explanation of each page of the profiles. You MUST have the ability to hear sound on your computer. There are two versions of the presentation:-

  • PowerPoint - This requires PowerPoint 2003 to play correctly, although in some cases it may play in PowerPoint 2007. If you have any problems then open the PowerPoint Multimedia User Guide in the PowerPoint Viewer.
  • Web Video - We have also produced a flash version of the user guide that can be viewed from the link below. This requires that you have Adobe Flash player installed.
  • Simple Presentation

Note for Projector use

If you intend to view the user guide on a projector you may have problems with seeing pale purples. This is often caused because most projectors leave the factory with the settings on "dynamic mode", this produces the brightest image but produces poor colour representation. If you set your projector to "normal mode" or anything other than "dynamic" then your colours should look better however, you may need to increase the brightness.

Notes On CACIs Health ACORN

The supporting material includes a overview of the methodology behind CACIs Health ACORN classification and a overview of the methodology behind CACIs Health ACORN classification.

Last Updated: Monday, 25th March 2013

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