National Institute for Health Research - Public Health Research programme

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

This page is an historical archive only.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) was established as a part of the Government's strategy, 'Best Research for Best Health'. The aim is to establish the NHS as an internationally recognised centre of research excellence through supporting outstanding individuals, working in world-class facilities, conducting leading-edge research focused on the needs of patients and the public.

The scope of the NIHR Public Health Research programme is multi-disciplinary and broad. The main focus of the PHR programme's evaluation of public health interventions is on effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. However, broader impact, as well as acceptability to the target community and wider society, are also important to the impact and sustainability of public health programmes, and, where relevant, will also be investigated.

YHPHO's Director, Brian Ferguson is a member of the NIHR-PHR Programme Advisory Board.

Last Updated: Thursday, 11th April 2013

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