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YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

This page is an historical archive only.

Yorkshire and Humber Quality Observatory (YHQO) is committed to supporting health care providers in Yorkshire and the Humber in developing their Quality Account. Please find below information to support the development of Quality Accounts for 2010/11, including links to all Yorkshire and the Humber Quality Accounts produced in 2009/10 as well as information on past and forthcoming events.

Quality Accounts are public facing reports introduced to inform the public about the quality of services health care providers offer. They provide assurance to commissioners, patients and the public that health care organisations are regularly scrutinising all of their services to ensure focus is on developing and improving those that need the most attention. In addition to enhancing public accountability, Quality Accounts have been designed to engage the leaders of an organisation in delivering their quality improvement agenda.

Local publications

The review undertaken by YHQO of all Quality Accounts in Yorkshire and the Humber resulted in the production of a report highlighting strengths as well as areas where further development would be of benefit. A more detailed report is available on request.


Following the review of Quality Accounts an event took place on 8th March 2011 aimed at providers, commissioners and those involved in the future of Quality Accounts to present the findings and showcase the support YHQO can offer. Please find below presentations delivered by the Department of Health and Quality Observatory’s representatives.

‘Event packs’ covering the following four workshops at the Quality Accounts event on 8th March 2011 were distributed to delegates. The handouts and guides include:

Quality Accounts produced by Yorkshire and the Humber’s providers


National publications

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