Training: using health intelligence to make better commissioning decisions Spring 2012

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

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This two and a half day programme was aimed at commissioners of NHS services within Yorkshire and the Humber, particularly those likely to be based in CCG’s and CSS’s. It aimed to help them understand what Health Intelligence data sources and tools are available and how they can be used to support them in making better evidence-based decisions. The course is managed by YHPHO and delivery is shared with local experts from PCTs and the SHA.

Course materials

28 March 2012
Workshop 1: overview and basics

Workshop 1: summary of evaluations

Additional resources
  • ERPHO training videos on understanding significance, funnel plots and spine charts
  • APHO Technical Briefings on lifestyle data (1), prevalence modelling (7 and 8), statistics and their confidence intervals (3) and statistical process control (2)

25 April 2012
Workshop 2: Understanding local population health needs and the extent to which services are meeting them

Workshop 2: summary of evaluations
Useful links - health inequalities
Useful links - JSNA
Useful links - health economics
Additional resources

22 May 2012
Workshop 3: Making changes to your local health system and measuring the impact

Workshop 3: evaluation
Useful links – indicators and target setting
Useful links – patient experience and PROMs

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