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Alcohol represents one of the three main risk factors impacting on healthcare services and wider society. Tobacco and obesity are the remaining two. In England, more than a fifth of adults drink at increasing risk levels and there are similar proportions of reported occasions of binge drinking, resulting in the NHS spending an estimated £2.7bn a year on treating alcohol related conditions. Yorkshire and the Humber accounts for over 10% of this and whilst the highest proportion of alcohol related admissions to hospital is recorded in the 60-64 age group, the problem becomes apparent at an earlier age, with those as young as 10 years old being admitted for alcohol related conditions.

YHPHO tools, data and resources

NHS Yorkshire and the Humber Staying Healthy QIPP resource pack (May 2010) focusing on reducing alcohol harm in the region.

Support to the Yorkshire and Humber area

YHPHO has been providing analytical support to Yorkshire and Humber Public Health initiatives by assisting in the shaping of alcohol related harm strategy. We have summarised the impact of alcohol across health and society in Yorkshire and Humber measured primarily through alcohol (harm) related hospital admissions. The results should allow identification of areas for targeting where improvements or more innovative approaches are needed. Early findings highlighted issues relating to young people being admitted into hospital at a much younger age than previously. Of the top 10, alcohol related harm, conditions adults are admitted to hospital for, the vast majority (7) are prevalent in the younger age group.

As part of the above work YHPHO’s statistical expertise has been utilised by helping with the setting up of local trajectories and goals as well as looking at the costs of alcohol-related hospital admissions from the GP practice's perspective.

Support to local areas

A number of areas in Yorkshire and the Humber have previously researched their local issues, undertaking local Alcohol Needs Assessments and surveys. YHPHO supports these initiatives by investigating and evaluating what the other areas did, how successful it was and how areas can learn from each other. We provide local organisations with data or information e.g. Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) extracts, which we are able to retrieve for a whole region or for a local area.

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