Yorkshire and the Humber Commercial Support Unit (CSU)

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

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The Yorkshire and the Humber CSU is a virtual organisation operating on behalf of both commissioners and providers across the region looking at developing the commercial skills required for the provision of work based modules.

CSU Commercial Support Units (CSU) were established in April 2010 (June 2010 for Yorkshire & Humber (YH) to provide local support to commissioners and providers of NHS services on commercial issues, and encourage collaborative approaches to commissioning, procurement and contracting.

CSU Commercial Support Units (CSU) aims are to build commercial skills within the NHS by enabling the NHS to make a positive difference to frontline health services facilitate the most efficient and best use of commercial resources and drive for quality whilst ensuring value for money.

As a virtual organisation the team maybe small but is also supported by other wider teams and will draw on available resources from the Y&H Health Community, delivering work stream activity at either a regional or sub regional level.

We are at the forefront of the changing NHS, offering invaluable support to commissioners to implement change.

Commercial skills for the NHS explains the remit of the CSU.

Objectives of the Yorkshire and the Humber CSU – Annual Report 2010/11

Additional Activity

Commercial Professional Network (CPN)

The YH CSU has taken over the facilitation of the CPN network, Web Portal (now hosted by the CSU), communications and meetings from the PCT Collaborative. The director of the YH CSU has been establishing relationships with the members of this group and supporting their planned activities and discussions.

Supporting the Commercial Relationship between the CPN & CPC
Working closely with both the CPN and CPC to reach agreement on the 2010/11 work plan. The focus as now switched to performance and CPC are providing Commissioners with month’s progress reports against the work plan activity.


Following a request from the Chair of the CPN the CSU worked with the SCG to develop deliverables and performance metrics to monitor the project management of the 19 work streams. This project management role forms part of the CPN work plan delivered by CPC.

Specification Library

The YH CSU is moving forward with the development of a regional, web based library, for service specifications. This work is being completed with the support of the Contract Intelligence Unit at the SHA and also with the East Midlands CSU. Phase 1 is very much focused on development of the library and Phase 2 of this project is about identifying best practice specifications that have delivery both quality improvements and financial benefits.

Standard Procurement Documents & Procurement Policy

A paper was approved at the September 2010 CSU commissioner board for the YH CSU to procure a standard procurement document set from the EM Hub. In addition to this the YH CSU is working with CPC and on behalf of both commissioners and providers to make available a full set of documents and guidance to support all procurement activity.

PTS Impact Assessment

The YH CSU has funded an independent review of PTS services in the YH region, with a specific focus on the impact procurement of services will have on the incumbent provider.

Data Validation

The YH CSU is to undertake a piece of work on behalf of the YH PCTs to review complete a review of data validation providers and a market analysis to inform PCTs in support of future procurement decisions. Work commenced November 2010.

Inventory Management

This is a project coming out of the CSU Leads nationally and will focus on working with a group of colleagues and the Department of Health (DoH) to look at inventory management. The primary objective is to identify best practice within the NHS and share this whilst also taking learning’s from other industries to support the NHS.


This project is moving forward with the mobilisation of a regional steering group. The YH CSU will be part of this group working to drive the roll out of innovative technologies within the region.

CSU Outputs

Documentation and resources for the CSU can be accessed via the following link: http://www.yhpho.org.uk/resource/view.aspx?RID=78544

If you are unable to access this area please email admincsu@yhcsu.nhs.uk to gain the relevant permissions.

June 2011 updates

Contacts - Meet The Team

Yorkshire and Humber Commercial Support Unit
Don Valley House, Savile Street East,
Sheffield, S4 7UQ. Map.
Tel. 0114 22 64458
Email. admincsu@yhcsu.nhs.uk

Marc Ibbotson
Director of Programmes
Mob: 07983581260
Tel: 0114 226 4519

Anne Hilton
Project Lead – Business Programmes Manager
Mob: 07939683281
Tel: 0114 226 4516

Pam Rennie
Commercial Skills Manager
Tel: 07739178405

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