Regional Health Intelligence Leads

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

This page is an historical archive only.

The Regional Health Intelligence Leads (RHIL) Group meets every two months and comprises senior health intelligence leads from all regional PCTs, YHPHO, SHA, NYCRIS, Trent Cancer Registry and the HPA. Jake Abbas, Deputy Director of YHPHO is the current chair with Deborah Collis, Associate DPH Kirklees NHS as vice-chair.

View the minutes of RHIL meetings.

Its terms of reference are:

  1. Aim
  2. To support the delivery of 'World Class Commissioning' (WCC) and 'Healthy Ambitions' through the development and delivery of an integrated hub and spoke public health intelligence function across Yorkshire and the Humber.

  3. Objectives
    1. To co-ordinate and deliver an agreed Health Intelligence Yorkshire and Humber (HIYAH) work programme across the region, linked to common priorities for partner organisations and supporting delivery of WCC and Healthy Ambitions.
    2. To support the development and efficient usage of Public Health intelligence capacity within the region including facilitation of collaborative / joint projects across the network.
    3. To support the development and delivery of CPD and training in health intelligence within the region.
    4. To provide a forum for HIYAH health intelligence leads to share information, good practice and discuss strategic health intelligence issues.
  4. Membership

    The core membership of the group comprises a single lead representative from each PCT, plus representatives from regional partner organisations including SHA, PHO, HPA and both cancer registries. Chair of the Group will be chosen by nomination from the Group and serve for a period of two years. A vice-chair will also be chosen by the same method.

  5. Frequency and location of meetings. The meetings will take place bi-monthly, and will rotate venue between Leeds and York.
  6. Servicing the Group

    The Chair will take responsibility for co-ordinating agenda items and papers for meetings, as well as producing action points from the meetings.

  7. Reporting arrangements

    The integrated HIYAH / Quality Observatory work programme is prioritised and overseen by the Health Intelligence Reference Group (HIRG). HIRG reports to PCT Chief Executives through the Commissioning Development Programme Group.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29th November 2011

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