Work Programmes

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

This page is an historical archive only.

For an overview of our role during transition please visit the About Us page.

Our work in YHPHO is structured in terms of key strategic work programmes. These are as follows:

  • Altogether Better Learning Network
  • Child & maternal health and young people (ChiMat)
  • Department of Health core programme
  • Diabetes
  • Health economics
  • Health Intelligence Yorkshire & the Humber (HIYAH)
  • Yorkshire and Humber Quality Observatory (YHQO)

The following paragraphs give a brief introduction to each programme, where it fits with our YHPHO vision and strategy and a link to further information. Next to each there is a named Senior Management Team (SMT) lead within YHPHO.

Altogether Better Learning Network

Altogether Better is a Lottery-funded programme aimed at helping people and communities across the Yorkshire and Humber region to eat better, be more physically active and improve their mental health. The Learning Network aims to share intelligence, experience and learning on well-being, and identify mechanisms to transfer learning and evidence into practice [Senior Management Team lead: Sue Baughan]

Child & maternal health and young people (ChiMat)

One of the lead roles we fulfil on behalf of the network of PHOs. ChiMat has been up and running for some time and we have attracted additional funding to establish a national themed observatory in this area of work [Senior Management Team lead: Helen Duncan]

Core Work Programme

Our PHO receives annual funding from the Department of Health in order to fulfil a wide range of regional and national roles. An example of the national work is to contribute to the health profiles which are produced every year at local authority level. An example of regional work is our ‘safe haven’ role around Hospital Episode Statistics. [Senior Management Team lead: Jake Abbas]


One of the lead roles we fulfil on behalf of the network of PHOs. Work to date has included prevalence modelling, a diabetes commissioning toolkit and specific briefings in areas such as prescribing and diabetes-related hospital admissions [Senior Management Team lead: Lorraine Oldridge]

Health economics

One of the lead roles we fulfil on behalf of the network of PHOs. This includes areas such as programme budgeting and marginal analysis, market management and the cost-effectiveness evidence base in public health [Senior Management Team lead: Sue Baughan]

Health Intelligence Yorkshire and Humber (HIYAH)

A programme of work for our 14 NHS Primary Care Trusts, to support their World Class Commissioning activities [Senior Management Team lead: Colin Pollock]

Yorkshire and the Humber Quality Observatory (YHQO)

YHQO provides health intelligence support to the NHS Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda, helping to improve the way care and services are delivered. [Senior Management Team lead: Prof Brian Ferguson]

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29th November 2011

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