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YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

For access to over 100 data and analytical tools from across Public Health England, please visit the PHE Data and knowledge gateway

YHPHO provides access to high quality data, information and intelligence through a range of online tools designed to support decision-making.

  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit

    The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit provides information and intelligence to improve decision-making for high quality, cost effective services. It supports policy makers, commissioners, managers, regulators and other health stakeholders working in cardiovascular disease. The toolkit features interactive maps, accessible data, statistics, summary reports for PCT and cardiac networks and small area data below PCT level. The page provides access to CVD data and atlases, CVD PCT and cardiac network summary reports, small area dataset and further resources. ,

  • CCG profiles: National General Practice Profiles

    The APHO General Practice cluster tool and YHPHO CCG summary profiles provide useful information at a clinical commissioning group level for NHS Yorkshire and the Humber.,

  • Commissioning for Value Packs

    The Commissioning for Value Packs for every Clinical Commissioning Group in Yorkshire and the Humber use a range of intelligence sources to systematically review spend, outcome, quality and variation across all programmes of care. The packs can be used to identify programmes of care which may offer the greatest opportunity for improvement in quality and productivity.,

  • Diabetes Community Health Profiles

    The Diabetes Community Health Profiles bring together a wide range of data on diabetes in adults into a single source for the purposes of benchmarking. The tool allows you to download a diabetes profile for each CCG in England. It is designed to provide an overview of the key areas of diabetes care and highlight issues for further investigation. It can be used to benchmark against other PCTs and provides a starting point for needs assessment work.
    Download a flyer giving an overview of the profiles.,

  • Diabetes footcare activity profiles

    Information on the inpatient care of people with diabetes admitted to hospital for footcare conditions,

  • Diabetes outcomes versus expenditure (DOVE) tool

    Explore the relationship between spending on diabetes care and clinical outcomes,

  • Diabetes outcomes versus expenditure (DOVE) tool archive

    Explore the relationship between spending on diabetes care and clinical outcomes,

  • Diabetes Outcomes Versus Expenditure Tool (DOVE)

    The Diabetes Outcomes Versus Expenditure (DOVE) tool allows users to compare expenditure on diabetes care with clinical outcomes for a selected CCG, other CCGs with similar populations and all other CCGs. Spending on diabetes care can be compared to a number of outcomes at CCG level.
    Download a flyer with an overview of the tool.,

  • Diabetes prevalence model for local authorities and CCGs

    Estimates of total (diagnosed and undiagnosed) diabetes prevalence for people aged 16 years and older in England.,

  • Health Inequalities Dashboards - Mortality amenable to health care for Yorkshire and the Humber

    A collection of the dashboards (updated December 2010) for each of the seven PCTs for Yorkshire and Humber, detailing the progress made to reach targets in life expectancy and all age, all cause mortality.,

  • Health Intelligence Practice Profiles and PCT Level Profiles

    The Health Intelligence Practice Profiles for PCTs and General Practices in Yorkshire and Humber bring together a wide range of primary care data into a single source for the purposes of benchmarking.,

  • Health Poverty Index

    The Health Poverty Index (HPI) tool aims to provide an overall picture of health poverty in an area, and incorporates a range of measures relating to both ‘root causes’ and ‘intervening factors’ that influence health and health inequalities.,

  • Hospital Episode Statistics

    Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) is a database containing information about patients treated at NHS providers in England. The YHPHO HES Service provides information and analysis of HES data for the Yorkshire and Humber Region. ,

  • Hospital Episode Statistics Downloads

    This page provides links to Hospital Episode Statistics downloads including a national e-Atlas (published by the Association of Public Health Observatories - APHO) showing age-standardised hospital admission rates for common conditions and procedures by local authority.
    The page also provides access to Patient flows, an interactive tool that uses Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data to geographically display flows of patients to NHS Providers of secondary care. ,

  • Life expectancy calculator

    The life expectancy calculator enables users with death and population data for small areas to calculate life expectancy figures. The template is for an abridged life table using 5-year age intervals with a final age interval of 85+.,

  • Local Basket of Indicators

    A downloadable access database that provides summary data for PCTs and Local Authorities across the country. The tool enables users to create bespoke tables of indicators in the basket based on combinations of indicators and geographical areas.,

  • Maps of deprivation for Yorkshire and Humber districts

    Maps of the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 have been produced (May 2011) for the region and for each district within the region. These maps aim to highlight where the population lives as well as the more and less deprived areas. ,

  • Mortality among inpatients with diabetes

    This work analyses mortality among inpatients with diabetes. The study used data on over 13 million hospital admissions to assess case-mix and risk factors for inpatient mortality. It also identifies trust level variation in the risk of an inpatient with diabetes dying. A short summary document plus profiles for trusts included in the analysis are available.,

  • NHS Yorkshire and the Humber COPD dashboards

    The dashboards summarise key indicators relating to the prevalence, care and outcomes for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Each section of the dashboard is designed to broadly follow a COPD clinical pathway. This information allows the identification of differences in service provision and the potentially related variation seen at primary care/ provider trust level in outcomes and service usage for those with COPD. It is hoped that this information will generate discussion as to the drivers of any variation reported and encourage identification and adoption of best practice.,

  • PBS Diabetes Population Prevalence Model – Phase 3 - collection

    The PBS Diabetes Prevalence Model has been replaced by the APHO Diabetes Prevalence Model. Please go to to view details of the new model. The PBS Diabetes Population Prevalence model is a spreadsheet model that generates expected total numbers of persons with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.,

  • Prescribing Instant Atlas

    An interactive tool allowing you to look at diabetes prescribing at PCT level and make comparisons across England. ,

  • Small Area Dataset for Yorkshire and Humber

    The small area dataset tool contains a comprehensive suite of key indicators cross matched with indicators already set nationally, including those from Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), National Indicators (NI) and Vital Signs (VS).,

  • Spend and outcome tool (SPOT)


  • Spend and outcome tool (SPOT): clinical commissioning groups


  • Spend and outcome tool: case studies

    This page has links to case studies showing how the Spend and outcome tools have been used in by commissioners and others working in the health sector.,

  • Variation in Inpatient Activity: Diabetes

    Variation in Inpatient Activity (current release 2009/10 and 2010/11): diabetes (VIA: Diabetes) allows users to compare information on inpatient activity for those with and without diabetes to provide evidence on differing care patterns.
    Download a flyer with an overview of the tool.
    Access the training video for the tool.,

  • Wider determinants of health profiles

    A series of single page profiles focusing on the wider determinants of health for the districts of Yorkshire and the Humber built around the Marmot review domains.,

  • Yorkshire & Humber Winter Pressures Plus – Primary Care Variation

    The Yorkshire and Humber Winter Pressures Plus tool aims to help NHS pandemic flu planners to provide support for planning for winter pressures. The page gives access to a tool to risk stratify GP practices (using QOF indicators) that may face additional pressures due to the demands of pandemic flu.
    The page also provides access to a report "Primary Care Variation : a Short analysis". ,

  • Yorkshire and Humber local authority briefings on age and ethnic group population projections

    Yorkshire and Humber local authority briefings on age and ethnic group population projections. The briefings summarise some of the key findings from a new set of age and ethnic group specific local authority level population projections, produced by the University of Leeds, as part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC’s) Understanding Population Trends and Processes (UPTAP) programme. ,

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