Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit

YHPHO has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire).

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The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning Health Intelligence Toolkit provides information and intelligence to improve decision-making for high quality, cost effective services. It supports policy makers, commissioners, managers, regulators and other health stakeholders working in cardiovascular disease.

The toolkit features interactive maps, accessible data, statistics, summary reports for PCT and cardiac networks and small area data below PCT level.

YHPHO produced the toolkit for Yorkshire and Humber PCTs in 2009 (commissioned by HIYAH). This has now been updated and expanded by South East Public Health Observatory (March 2011 and updated March 2012) to include all PCTs and cardiac / stroke networks in England.

CVD data and atlases

Interactive maps, relevant indicators and accessible statistics relating to cardiovascular disease.
Access the SEPHO National CVD profiles

CVD PCT and cardiac network summary reports

The profiles provide an overview of data relating to the key areas of cardiovascular disease. Download a CVD profile for each PCT and associated cardiac and stroke network in England.
Access the SEPHO National CVD profiles

Small area dataset

Small area data have been published for a set of indicators, which will be useful across a range of health profiling and needs assessment activities, including joint strategic needs assessment. Specific CVD related data at Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) and Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) level. These include demographic data, socio-economic indicators, health and lifestyle data, mortality and hospital admission rates for all CVD as well as for CHD and stroke separately.
YHPHO and APHO small area dataset.

CVD further resources

The lead public health observatory for coronary heart disease (CHD) is SEPHO (South East Public Health Observatory) .

  • NHS Improvement
  • NHS Improvement has developed sites which provide tools and resources to improve service delivery. They are heart and stroke. They have also developed a sign-posting resource (cardiac and stroke data walls) of the current data landscape, data collection and usage.
  • National heart disease audits
  • The NHS Information Centre runs a programme of eleven national heart disease audits. Each audit offers reliable information to help health professionals continually measure and improve care by comparing their work to specific standards and national trends.
    Access the national heart disease audits
  • Reports on cardiac devices
  • A number of national reports have been produced on clinical activity related to complex cardiac devices.
Last Updated: Monday, 8th December 2014

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